Dedicated B2C  platform

Transform customer interactions into tangible business benefits


Personalized experiences

The B2C platforms we create are more than just software. They are comprehensive solutions, designed with your company’s and your customers' unique needs in mind. Looking to increase conversions, build a strong brand community, or create exceptional user experiences? With our blend of software house expertise and e-commerce agency skills, you can achieve all this and more.

A dedicated B2C platform means customizing every aspect of customer interaction.

Omnichannel strategy alignment

Advanced analytical tools

Intuitive purchasing mechanisms

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

One mechanism we can create is subscriptions. Through them, you not only enhance revenue predictability but also strengthen customer loyalty. Implementing this service simplifies resource planning and allows customers to receive consistent product deliveries with minimal effort and without the need to manually renew orders.

Kobieta i mężczyzna otwierają karton

Secure and stable solutions

Security is one of the most crucial aspects of the B2C platforms we develop. We focus on:

Data encryption

Regular updates

Reliable e-commerce infrastructure

Software house and e-commerce under one roof

This is what sets us apart from other B2C platform providers. We are among the few software houses that combine dedicated software development expertise with e-commerce proficiency. This combination allows us to:


Analysis during dedicated workshops

We provide more than technological support - we analyze your company's processes and collaboratively determine how, with new software, they can be optimized.

Warsztaty UX UI

UX and UI workshops

We design intuitive and engaging interfaces, focusing on your customer's needs. Leveraging our e-commerce knowledge, we create an environment that attracts and retains consumers, enhancing their loyalty.

Jakość kodu

Prioritizing code quality

We develop scalable code, tailored to individual needs, but also ensure that it translates into aesthetically pleasing and functional user interfaces from the user's perspective.


Integrations and automation

With our skills, we can integrate the B2C platform with other systems like ERP or CRM, automating and streamlining numerous processes.

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Omnichannel for consistent customer experiences

In the context of integrated solutions as a software house, we offer B2C platforms that align with an omnichannel strategy. This enables seamless customer transitions between various sales channels. Thanks to advanced data analysis capabilities from different touchpoints, our clients can offer more personalized products and services. Integration with brick-and-mortar sales systems ensures a comprehensive and consistent customer experience at every stage of the purchasing path.

Osoby korzystające z platformy B2C

Modern technologies

Innovative solutions, such as virtual fitting rooms, can become a key element of the strategy on a B2C platform, influencing purchasing behaviors and customer loyalty. Here are a few ways they can impact your business:

Increased customer engagement

Offering the option to "try on" products virtually increases customer engagement and satisfaction.

Reduced return rates

Customers who "try on" products virtually are less likely to return them, ultimately enhancing profitability.

Innovative brand image

Incorporating such features into a B2C platform not only enhances usability but also showcases a company's modern approach.

Data collection and analysis

The ability to monitor how customers use these features provides valuable data that can be used for further optimization.


1. Why invest in a custom B2C platform instead of off-the-shelf solutions?

Custom B2C platforms offer significant flexibility and the ability to tailor features to your business's specific needs. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, these platforms can be scaled, integrated with other systems, and modified to meet the evolving market demands and consumer requirements.

2. How long does the implementation process of a custom B2C platform take?

3. Is a custom B2C platform expensive?

4. Can I integrate a custom B2C platform with existing systems in my company?

5. What are the support options post-platform implementation?