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Dedicated IT solutions

Dedicated IT solutions

IT for different industries has different faces. We know that even if technological solutions arise from similar needs, they require diametrically different utilities. Through years in business, we have become specialists in the production of tailored software for companies operating in different sectors. Find out what we can do for you.


Safe internal communication utilities — with customisation for organisational network units in mind.

B2B platforms

Electronically-operated business relations Complete integration with the implemented software.

B2C platforms

Offline business moved online. With the range of customised utilities, this is the best road to maximised and optimised sales.

SaaS solutions

Services under the Software as a Service business model. Cloud-based subscription software with full support no infrastructure implementation requirements.

CRM systems

Customer Relations Management tailored to company strategy and scale, also in a mobile app. From integration with accounting software to customers monitoring in social media.

MES systems

IT technologies with automation components that is digital transformation of production for production planning and optimisation.

RCP systems

Work time planning, recording and reporting technologies. Including cloud operation and supported by advanced peripherals, they help in human resources management.

Helpdesk systems

Also known as ticket systems, they are used for ticket management in companies and prove efficient for example in support and service, but also in production and quality control departments.


Quick and efficient automatic and semi-automatic labelling machine systems compatible with other production line components.

Business process automation systems

Optimum use of organisation resources with elimination of repetitive and sometimes time-consuming manual activities for increased productivity.

Barcode reader apps

Scanner apps that read barcodes even from long distance. They enable managing the history, saving and exporting codes and generating reports.

RFID reader apps

By supporting many different identification standards and frequencies, they are independent on the field of application in one- and two-way communication. Universal identifications using cards or smartphone.

Analytical and reporting systems (BI)

Business intelligence systems offer safe data processing and reporting, as well as effective data exploration for optimum business results and higher company competitiveness.

Order management support utilities

Order lifecycle management and real-time view ensures the necessary process transparency and seamlessness, as well as agile coordination of the entire supply chain.

Sales management support utilities

The combination of operational and analytical functionalities to appreciate for marketing personnel, sales representatives and ultimately, due to the agile processing of requests for quotation and orders, the end customers.

Automated invoicing and billing utilities

Streamlined generation and sending of sales documents for quicker invoicing and customer service processes and finally — an important step towards automated sales.

Map apps and portals

Mobile apps that are particularly useful in logistics, commerce and properties. GPS integration, map profile configuration, and route planning and optimisation are merely some of the wide range of options.

Electronic payments

B2B and B2C platform software integration with electronic payments increases the credibility and usefulness. It also accelerates the processing of electronic transactions.