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TMS zboża (TMS grain) is a solution that streamlines grains transport

The dedicated TMS grain system is a multi-functional logistics process optimisation utility. It was developed to streamline the work of logistics specialists and consultants responsible for acquiring and planning grains transports both in Poland and abroad.

Dodawanie kompletnej awizacji dostawca-odbiorca


The routing functionality is a significant aid in the transport planning process. With the optimiser, logistics specialists can precisely determine the feasibility of the plan, select the most effective variant in the given conditions and precisely estimate the final cost.

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Grafik awizacji - narzędzie do planowania awizacji

Scheduling deliveries

When processing multiple simultaneous tasks, delivery configuration complexity grows substantially. Delivery scheduling becomes a task that carries multiple fleet management challenges (for example overlapping routes, costs and monitoring). The daily operations of the logistics team are supported by the intuitive to use and visually pleasing contract completion scheduling functionality, which enables reasonable delivery scheduling and completion progress tracking.

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Creating transport tasks

The system enables creating and managing transport tasks. The solutions in use are designed to streamline and coordinate the work of the teams engaged in the logistics process. This solution increases the transparency of contract completion and course of transport as a whole.

Panel wiadomości dla szybkiej i efektywnej komunikacji

Generating and sending transport documents

The users can generate and send standardised messages and transport documents. Not only, did system functionalities significantly improve communication with all parties of the delivery, but also it enabled meeting formal requirements in a simpler manner and achieving a perfect visual effect.

Mobile app for drivers

The practical complement of the designed solutions is the dedicated mobile app for drivers. It enables the delivery personnel to plan routes with a single click and then effectively send transport documents. In addition, the activity of the driver is visible in the transport task details and updated in an ongoing manner, which significantly accelerates the information flow.

Aplikacja mobilna dla kierowców realizujących transport zbóż
Widok kontraktu w panelu ze szczegółową prezentacją danych i statusu realizacji

Verification of the contract completion status

The creation of detailed and complete reports was converted to be almost automatic, without work requirements. Similarly, the verification of contract completion was simplified. It proceeds logically and smoothly while keeping precision.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Integration with the Microsoft Dynamics AX system

Communication between the systems is the basis that enables data exchange and smooth and effective operation of logistic operators. The completion of the TMS grain project required system integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, leading to a sealed and simplified transport task creation process.

A new logistic process rezlization standard

As an innovator in its industry, Agrii Poland sets standards not only in the area of production, but also in the area of grain distribution and transportation. Using modern IT technologies and emphasizing the computerization of processes occurring in logistics, it is successfully continuing the adopted strategy of dynamic development.