Platforma Caspar w pełnym RWD


Solutions designed and reviewed by experts

In the design of the CasparLine platform, we referred to the sources in search for knowledge on the functionality of the potential solutions, conducting in-depth usability tests of the among various user groups. Above all, the Clients for whom it is dedicated, as well as sales directors, working with it on a daily basis.
The outcome of these work is a state-of-the-art and efficient tool for ongoing online investment monitoring with unlimited insight into the state of the investment portfolio.

Wykres wartości portfela
Wygodne i dostępne dashboardy w widoku mobile

Portfolio managed anywhere, anytime

Thanks to both the platform and the mobile app, clients gain unlimited access to it from any place worldwide. In the current conditions of hindered ability to arrange meetings with account managers, this is more than convenient, as investors have found out.
Speed of operation and security are ensured through the use of PWA technology.

Comprehensive data management

The summary of the portfolio in the dashboard view offers convenient access to all basic data in multiple portfolios: their structure and change history, the return on investment and asset quotes in the given time, with a transparent presentation in the form of interactive diagrams.

Dashboard struktura portfela przedstawiająca dane w formie wykresów

Portfolio structure

The full presentation of the portfolio structure is displayed within a user-defined time range. In addition to historical data, they provide full and dynamic information on the investment content, divided into types, markets and currencies.

Sekcja komentarzy i aktualności

Comments — market situation at your fingertips

The specialists at Caspar Asset Management prepare investment comments and analyses on a regular basis to keep the customers always up to date with the market situation. Market updates and comments always remain available in the dedicated zone. All in the form of a user-friendly, categorized database.

Panel z podglądem plików udostępnianych klientom

Convenient and safe cloud storage of important files

The users have access to important materials relative to portfolio management. These include documents tagged according to a category, such as statements of operations and reports, portfolio valuations, regulations and others.
Customers are informed about the appearance of new materials thanks to the notification system.

Quality of service assessment system

Given the importance of user feedback and positive user experiencee, the proposal to complete the service quality assessment survey is displayed periodically.

System oceny jakości obsługi ankieta

Reliability, quality… satisfaction!

Specialists in the industry and professional in every way — as we may describe our Client. Therefore, we wanted that description to be matched by the designed solution. Learn more about how CasparLine works, along with a presentation of the tool and its basic functions in a short tutorial on the platform.