Game mechanics based on the official FIDE rules

FIDE is an international chess federation that defines and standardises the rules of the game of chess and the rules of international chess competitions.

The mechanics of the Chess.Gold platform is based on rules and automatically enforced. Every chess game on the Chess.Gold platform is played according to FIDE rules.

Financial competition based on ELO-algorithms.

ELO is a method of calculating the relative level of chess players based on the chess games they played. The ELO ranking is used by the FIDE international chess federation.
Chess competition on the Chess.Gold platform includes the ELO ranking in bets between players. The stronger the competitor, the greater the reward for winning.

State-of-the-art RWD graphics

To move the actual experience of chess games to the network in the most authentic method, we stood in the user’s shoes during the development. We thoroughly analysed the preferences of amateur chess enthusiasts and professional tournament players and superimposed good UX practices on them. The Chess.Gold platform enables playing chess on any device in the web browser or on mobile devices. With the progressive web apps (PWA) technology, player experience is almost identical to the use of native apps.

ChessShield - proprietary fraud detection system

Cheating in online chess is very simple and frustrating for honest chess players. From the start of the project, we knew we would have to solve this problem. Our developers and the doctoral candidates of the Poznań University of Economics prepared the assumptions for the utility analysing the chess games on an ongoing basis and identifying the abuse. On their basis, the ChessShield system was developed, of which the advanced algorithms that made the Chess.Gold game safe.

Płatności przy użyciu karty lub PyPal

BFunds safety zpieczeństwo środków

The safety of financial operation is one of the foundational components of the platform and to a large extent determining its success. In this area, we opted for proven electronic payment operators and the PayPal virtual wallet. All financial operations through them are encrypted and secured at the highest level.

On-demand payouts

At any moment, every player may withdraw the collected funds. The payout operation is initiated from the user panel and completed automatically. Every payout is secured and recorded in the operation history.

Rates and the virtual wallet — all in players’ hands.

On Chess.Gold, chess players determine the amount to play for in the negotiation process. All financial transfers resulting from the bets are fully automated and secured. Every player may track their history and monitor their virtual wallet balance.

Currency — one for the players, any for payouts

Due to the international character of the website, the applicable currency is USD. All financial transfers between chess players are completed in this currency, but deposits and payouts can be completed in any currency supported by the electronic payment operators or virtual PayPal wallet.

Gra w szachy na różnych urządzeniach dzięki PWA