New standard in video distribution

Although it may seem that this process is limited to a simple in assumptions, but logistically engaging physical activity of the distribution of the video material medium, the system can make it fully electronic. A real revolution has occurred in this field!

  • Transfer rate - the speed of digital technology cannot be matched even by the best organised fleet. The video transfer is completed in a fraction of the time necessary for the entire traditional logistics process.
  • Resistant to transfer interruption - transmission stability regardless of link problems ensures no delays in the completion of the task.
  • Safety - comprehensively enhanced data protection, since the material cannot be lost or damaged and no interference with the delivery content is permissible.
Dashboard przedstawiający listę transferów i pojemność dysków

Central management of cinema servers

The e-delivery platform enables communication with multiple cinemas with central server management, which streamlines the process in the entire network. The designed functionalities of the system include calculation and analytical utilities for monitoring link performance. This is particularly important for meeting the scheduled transfer deadlines.

Diagram of the data flow from platform to projector

Administration panel

The management of videos, transfers and users, organisation and advanced search of files and the inspection of completed operations provides the administrator with the convenience and freedom of use that cannot be overestimated. The capabilities of the system are much greater and for the needs of further optimisation, they can be extended by the shipment scheduling modules or even complete process automation.

Intuicyjny panel użytkownika e-delivery