Dopasowany system e-commerce

A tailored e-commerce system supported by cutting-edge technologies

Together with Family Optic, we selected a flexible e-commerce engine and opted for PWA technology. As a result, we perfectly aligned the solution with the brand’s sales strategy. Additionally, we equipped the platform with technologies like virtual try-on, enhancing the customer experience, as well as a subscription-based purchasing model to automate sales.

Introducing an intuitive subscription model that calculates the suggested number of packages in relation to deliveries not only streamlined the purchasing process for the customer, but also resulted in optimal inventory management.

Łukasz Rybczonek
E-Commerce & IT Director, Avenir Medical Poland

Wdrożenie headless Shopware

Analysis and planning of one of the world's largest headless Shopware implementations

The preliminary analysis involved verifying user needs, preferences, and identifying trends in interaction design. Thanks to the client’s openness to modern solutions and years of business experience, we were able to successfully operate under a Design Driven Development model. Based on this, we developed an implementation plan in which the key element became the use of Shopware 6—a modern engine that provides flexible interface personalization, responsiveness across different devices, and considerable freedom in designing for user needs.

Unified online and offline sales channel

The goal of creating not just a platform, but an entire company, was to provide even more value to customers who had already placed their trust in the Twoje soczewki brand, which led to the creation of the Family Optic brand. The client could focus on expanding their product range in the best possible way, while we simultaneously worked on its technical aspects from the very beginning of our collaboration". Our aim is to meet customer needs by customizing brand interactions to suit their individual lifestyles. As a result, we've successfully created unified optical stores that exist in two spaces: online and offline.

Headless commerce

Agile projects executed using modern technologies

The project for Family Optic was implemented using a headless commerce architecture. This solution saves valuable seconds by ensuring efficient loading of information. The system utilizes Shopware as its e-commerce engine for various functions such as product database management, order processing, and customer accounts. Thanks to the headless commerce architecture, individual customer service processes can be operated from specialized systems that communicate with the store via an API layer, elevating the customer experience to an even higher level.

Połączenie headless commerce i aplikacji PWA

Integration of headless commerce and a dedicated PWA application

For this project, the frontend (what the customer sees) was developed as a PWA application. As a result, Family Optic gained the user experience similar to native mobile apps but at a significantly lower implementation cost.

Online eyewear fitting room

Having a fitting room in an online optical store is extremely important. It allows customers to try on various models and interact with the product before making a purchase. Thanks to this feature, customers can more accurately assess how a particular frame will look on them, reducing the risk of buying unsuitable frames and consequently, decreasing returns. The online store gains an advantage that previously only physical stores had, all without the customer having to leave their home.

Internetowa przymierzalnia okularów
Virtual mirror - oszczędność przestrzeni

Time and space savings thanks to the virtual mirror feature

The limited storage space in many physical stores restricts the ability to try on every pair of glasses in the inventory. The solution to this issue is technology similar to virtual try-on, known as a virtual mirror. With the right programming, stores no longer need to physically stock their entire range of products. Additionally, the virtual mirror can overlook the glasses currently worn by the user, allowing the customer to clearly see how they look in the new pair.

Intuicyjny konfigurator okularów

Eyeglasses configurator with multiple options to choose from

The entire process of buying eyeglasses can be seamlessly carried out on the online platform. With our intuitive configurator, customers can personally select their desired specifications. Features range from choosing the lens type and thickness to inputting prescription details for those needing corrective lenses. We’ve meticulously designed the purchasing journey, ensuring no detail is missed, to deliver a satisfying shopping experience.

Subskrypcje zwiększające CLV

Subscriptions to increase Customer Lifetime Value

Introducing subscription-based lens sales is another innovative step in the optical industry. It’s an intuitive solution that takes care of restocking for the client, thereby increasing Customer Lifetime Value. The process takes into account factors like the recommended delivery frequency based on the selected product and the number of items ordered. Moreover, to fulfill omnichannel strategy and meet customer expectations, emplyees workstations have been equipped with an consultant dashboard. Through this, staff can place orders at a client’s request and even initiate a lens subscription. This eliminates the need for customers to keep track of when to reorder, ensuring they always get their go-to product right on time.

Capabilities of user-friendly consultant dashboard

Employees at physical store locations now have access to a streamlined consultant dashboard. This user-friendly interface is specifically designed to assist staff in managing subscription sales for walk-in clients. With this system, a consultant can create an online store account for a client using a provided email address, browse products eligible for subscription, compile a shopping cart, and set up a recurring order with the chosen delivery frequency. To activate the subscription, the client only needs to complete payment for the initial order, either through an online bank transfer or by entering credit card information. This activation ensures regular, seamless deliveries with minimal hassle for the client.

Intuicyjny panel doradcy
Skan QR kodu - kontynuacja zakupów na urządzeniu mobilnym

One scan and you can continue shopping online

Enabling smooth transitions between sales channels is the foundation of omnichannel solutions. In this scenario, a consumer can initiate their shopping experience in a physical setting by adding products they are interested in to a favorites list via a virtual mirror. If they choose to leave without finalizing the purchase, they can transfer this list to their mobile device. A single QR code scan allows them to carry information about highlighted products in their pocket, offering a simple way to finalize the purchase later, from the comfort of their favorite chair.

Okulary na stole

Upcoming features on the horizon

As the brand continues to evolve, we’re not just maintaining systems but also developing new features. We assess the progress of various projects in daily meetings and efficiently plan our work during two-week sprints, all to ensure that we are aligned in our objectives. You’ll learn more about other services we have come up with in our next case study.

The entire store's offerings at your fingertips

The seamless transition between various sales channels and the availability of all features regardless of where you make your purchase are at the core of an omnichannel strategy. See how easy it becomes to choose your dream glasses with the support of the right technology.