Inspiration exchange platform

Unique content is made available by users who share their works and earn profit from downloaded materials. Those who are looking for valuable content can easily find it by using a search engine and a precise selection mechanism based on parameters, such as a colour, orientation or license type. The multitude of categories and display personalisation is a great way to find a unique idea for a project.

Purchasing under users' terms

The forms of purchase have been tailored to users’ needs and style. They can choose between a one-off transaction or purchase of individual images and a credit-based plan or a subscription. A one-year subscription provides access to all materials, and VIP accounts are granted special conditions.

User panel

After logging into the account, users gains access to a panel with all the downloaded media. A convenient display mode helps to organise recently downloaded and favourite files. Information about remaining credits and subscriptions is accompanied by the possibility of a quick purchase.

Limitless design

We have addressed usability issues comprehensively, introducing easy access features, such as font magnification and switching to a night mode.

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Assembly program for creative freedom

Simple, transparent rules and non-exclusivity are important values of the website and give authors valuable freedom. Additional collaboration options is content production on request. Implementing their projects, authors can use a free assembly program available in the panel.

Rich interior, simple architecture

When designing the website, we put great emphasis on clear architecture, as well as aesthetic issues, so that it could be a proper setting for the exhibited materials. As a result, it stimulates user’s activities on the website in an unrestricted way: no matter whether a user is looking for an idea for their project or searching for specific materials. Additionally, user-friendly structure helps authors of materials to move freely in the panel.