Functional and precisely designed website

The design of building structures is a very complex process, precisely conducted by professionals. We considered it in the conceptual development of the state-of-the-art website with simple and intuitive navigation.

  • Visually pleasing, tailored design. In the design, we excluded rich themes in favour of a minimalistic form and emphasis of arranged contents. A lot of white, simple shapes, pronounced lines on uniform background and subtle animations.
  • Responsiveness is more than standard, it is a requirement. We ensured the correct display of the website on mobile devices, already at the conceptual stage, which transformed into a refined final result, not left to chance.
  • Performance and fast operation in package. We know the value of optimisation, because we know that a beautiful facade must be based on a solid structure. This is also the case with GammaCAD.

Virtual Steel

The software for object-based 3D modelling of steel structures uses one of two product sections of the website. The transparent method of presentation of the options, modules, licensing and change information, as well as the embedding of the extensive knowledge base, enables the user to fully investigate the product characteristics.

Dokumentacja rysunkowa konstrukcji stalowych Virtual Steel


The analyses, dimensioning, modelling of construction systems in one program. This powerful and configurable utility for specialists requires appropriate presentation and introduction of the users, who make the decisions on purchasing the licensed version of the program. All that was ensured in the design of information architecture and highlighting key sections in the transparent graphic layout of the website.

Program do analiz i wymiarowania konstrukcji AxisVM

We opted for different views

The diversified website content, covering both the content of the company itself and dedicated products, knowledge base and extensive design galleries with the sorting and filtering of the results, required the selection of the most effective presentation method and development of adjusted templates for various subpages.

Czytelna architektura informacji dla złożonych widoków
Czytelna architektura informacji dla złożonych widoków