The website — more than www

As soon as we met, we realised this is more than sport, more than hobby and more than business. This is lifestyle! Our objective was to reflect it on the website so that the user could find their place in the world of water sports moved to the network.

  • The vivid and high temperament design is a perfect background and complement of the substantive layer. We wanted the aesthetics to align with the positive and energetic climate of kitesurfing. Don’t you feel like packing your suitcases and travel to Hel?
  • Navigation and utility - the extensive content required a refined organisation of many sections: the range of trainings, trips, camps and accommodation, accompanied by the blog, weather section and online shop.
  • We ensured a well-organised code with equal diligence, considering the optimisation and ease of managing and updating the website.

Widok podstrona obozy z podziałem na kategorie


Appropriate arrangement of the range enables effective presentation of the content addressed to the right audience. The division of the Camps section into theme categories will help the user to reach a specific proposition and almost immediately feel the find in the kite, when browsing video materials. At this point, the user is only one step away from booking.

Widok podstrony wyjazdy z różnorodnymi modułami


Here, trip planners will find the descriptions and galleries of photographs of the recent group trips, with the date and room selection modules. Here, it is easy to find inspiration for a customised travel agency offer. With such a choice, a dilemma may easily arise. Questions can be asked quickly, using a contact form optimised for mobile devices.

Łatwo dostępne informacje o ofercie najmu na mobile


The selection of the accommodation is very simple due to the clear presentation of the options available for the selected number of people and standard. The descriptions with graphic and video materials — all convenient to browse also on mobile.

We opted for different views

Webpage navigation is intuitive, regardless of the user device. Certain of meeting the Responsive Web Design standards, we know that the different views we design are visually pleasing and encourage further exploration while meeting the usability requirement. In the implementation of the project, we used different functional modules, such as calendars, forms, galleries, blog posts, customer reviews and other.

Widok podstrony wynajem przyczep z intuicyjną prezentacją oferty
Widok podstrony wynajem przyczep z intuicyjną prezentacją oferty

Wing beneath the wings

Working on the website, we got wind beneath our wings. Why? Partly because of the momentum and good design and certainly because of the stability, power and easy control. We may say that through collaboration, we found a common language and delivered a website with the CMS system that was light, reliable and easy to use, like all professional equipment.