Panel klienta z czytelnym menu podzielonym na dostawy, historię, płatności, konto użytkownika

Customer panel

The modern and intuitive customer panel enables independent management of active orders.

Automatic receipt printing

Every B2C sale should be legally taxed. By means of integration with the Novitus printer, the receipt printing process is performed automatically on a daily basis for all paid deliveries.

Subscription payments

With recurring payments, the customer is charged for the delivery directly before its completion. This way we avoided pre-payments and upfront payments for the entire month while providing the customer with full flexibility in order management.

Szybkie zamówienie na mobile

Automatic e-invoice sending

The system enables issuing invoices and sending them to business customers, by means of integration with the invoicing software. The availability of all documents from the panel saves time and provides an effective organisation of sale processes.

Easy purchasing process

The KRUCHO.COM platform enables order management on any device in the web browser or on mobile devices.

Zamówienie w prostym widoku na desktop

Modern design

In the design of the KRUCHO.COM platform, we ensured visually pleasing graphics, as well as intuitive and easy navigation. Our developers were diligent in keeping high standards of usability, for example, relative to the layout, user behaviour planning and compliance with the mobile first principle.

Smartfony- różnorodne screeny z aplikacji