SQM Rental House B2B platform for renting multimedia equipment

Innovative B2B platform in the AV industry

The smart system powered by AI-based proprietary algorithms supports order processing and optimises the process on many planes. Its top performance is proved by the fact that even very complex orders can be processed with a few clicks. The platform was designed assuming far-reaching automation. For user convenience, the rental customisation wizard with 3D visualisation and order picking assistant were implemented. For the customers, an extensive and useful knowledge base and technical support are available.

Order picking system

The revolutionary use of the AI technology enables meeting the needs and individual preferences of the users. It stores and uses information on earlier orders. If necessary, it completes the missing and complementary components, which helps in proper order completion.

Integration with the ERP system

With the advanced database solutions and communication with the API, the platform integrates data with the ERP Current RMS system in real time by downloading the information on inventories on a specific day and dynamically generates customer prices based on individual parameters and order history.

Mozaika widoki

Multimedia database

The B2B platform is more than renting audio-visual equipment. In addition to the wide range of devices available, it is a powerful database, from which the user may acquire technical knowledge on the parameters and product specifications, also in the form of video tutorials. In addition, directly on the subpage of each product, a detailed data sheet can be generated with a single click.

Optimisation for the environment

The multidimensional time and cost optimisation reduce the carbon footprint, for example by combined transport of equipment or elimination of paper documentation. The business concept in itself is based on the SQM Rental House renting idea, aligned with the eco-friendly principle of avoiding excessive electronic equipment production.

Automation for business

In addition to the largely optimised order processing process, quick online payments, automatic invoicing and order status notifications are also implemented. State-of-the-art solutions are time-saving, also in customer service.