A system for advisors around the world with an integrated VOX offer

Together with VOX, we have been working on the creation and currently on the further development of the innovative DESKVOX platform supporting the daily work of advisors in showrooms and customer service offices. Its primary task is to enable the creation of an attractive, clear and comprehensive offer and the placement of orders on a mobile or stationary device. It is available in international markets in various language options, such as Polish, Spanish and English, with the prospect of expanding to other languages in the near future as well.

Reaching customers around the world with VOX’s products and business model is key to our global digital strategy. The partnership with X-ONE has played an important role in this process. Thanks to their commitment and initiative, and our shared love of innovation, we launched a platform that supports online and offline sales – initially in Mexico, with a view to further rollout to additional markets.

Jointly designed solutions in our ecosystem implement the assumptions of the omnichannel strategy, providing customers with a consistent shopping experience.

Lucyna Michniewicz-Slaska o nas

Lucyna Michniewicz-Ślaska
CIO, VOX Capital Group

Analyzing and goal mapping

The client’s exceptional business maturity allowed the implementation to be preceded by a thorough process of analyzing the needs and requirements of VOX’s various fulfillment departments, taking into account the company’s growth prospects. As a result, the created solution allows for full scalability and adaptation to conditions dynamically dictated by the market.

Ready, steady, prototype!

The next step on our shared path to the goal was to create responsive mockups and confront them with the end users, who have diverse roles in the organization. This allowed us to gather feedback and improve the designed solution, thereby optimizing the final product.

Centralized management of customer quotes and orders

One of the main goals of the project was to provide a transparent, efficient system with access to marketing and product materials. The solution is designed to optimize the quoting by advisors in VOX stores. The challenge in this aspect was to provide a single interface to carry out all order fulfillment processes, regardless of the customer contact channel.

Consistent experience across different sales channels

The app is an integral part of the ecosystem connecting VOX products, tools and partners in both the Polish and international markets. The main idea is to build a positive, consistent experience for customers going through all omnichannel elements and switching between different sales channels, regardless of where they are.

Big-time omnichannel

A coherent system of tools, such as the DESKVOX platform, e-commerce and VOXBOX, in the Polish and Mexican markets is the fulfillment of another relevant goal with regard to advisors, who have access to all processes in one place. The flow of orders, according to the omnichannel concept, takes place between the advisor and the customer and the other way around. In an intertational project with an international range, it is indispensable to be able to manage the structure of countries, points of sale, partners or advisors. High scalability, both architectural and functional, flexibility and performance, is an indisputable advantage.

Tailor made head to toe

  • Offers configuring considering product availability and price lists
  • Extensive offer personalization options tailored to customer concept and flexible ordering options
  • Configurable delivery options taking into account product characteristics and customer needs
  • Monitoring of business activity thanks to ongoing verification of the status of offers and order fulfillment
  • Management of analytical data
  • Integration with other systems through APIs allows for further expansion of the platform's capabilities as well as effective communication and increased efficiency

Mobile First Design

The DESKVOX platform, in line with the Mobile first approach, was designed especially for mobile devices – tablets being the daily tool of advisors in the salon. This makes it possible to place an order from start to finish anywhere and anytime.

Agile team, Agile thinking

We implement the project in full symbiosis with representatives of various VOX departments. Working in Agile methodology we form a single, compact, self-organizing IT team. After years of cooperation, we can say that we are not only a close-knit team, but also experienced in the conscious and mature application of Scrum in the project.